We've merged
with Raw.Studio

Dear ambitious bypasser,

It's Michael (Founder of Mizko Media) here and I have a very exciting announcement to make. In June 2019 we officially merged with the Raw.Studio team to 10X our efforts in becoming the world's leading agency for customer research, validation design and execution.

We are now able to deliver end-to-end solutions for all our clients. Everything from ideation all the way through to execution. Our processes have been refined, we have hired former startup founders to join our team and we're now equipped with some of the best minds.

In a nutshell, we've helped our clientele raise over $250M+ across 40+ industries.

If you're looking to build something great, head over to our new website. I'll speak to you soon!
Some of our clients have achieved 🚀
Raised $3M &
Y-Combinator Alumni
Raised $3M &
TechStars Alumni
Raised $50M+ &
$100M superfund
95,000+ listings & eBay acquired
$1.3B in solar contracts
15M in transactions